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About Sa. Kandasamy
A first generation learner in his family, Kandasamy’s literary career took off in 1968 with the publication of his novel “Chayavanam” listed by the National Book Trust as a master piece in modern Indian Literature.
In the early years reading the works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Periyar, U.Ve.Swaminatha Iyer and V.Swaminatha Sharma laid the base for his literary career. “The level of scholarship I acquired through this has given me strength, confidence and character. It has subtly influenced my works”, he says.

He further says, “I am one of those who believe that the art of writing does not have to be ornamental. The best literature is one which transcends the barriers of time, culture, language and political ideology. It does not relate to a particular community or gender.
More importantly, a reader from any part of the world should be able to internalize a novel or short story.

For his contribution to the development of art, the Lalit Kala Academy of Tamilnadu Government, conferred on him a fellowship in March 1995.
Based on his research on South Indian Terracotta, the Chennai Doordarshan produced a 20 minute documentary “Kaval Deivangal” which bagged the first prize at the Angino Film Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus in 1989.
He has been conferred with Sakithya Academy award for his outstanding work _Vicharanai Commission (Novel) in the year 1998.

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