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“In some aspects, we may consider as an experimental piece of writing the first novel of a young author Sa. Kandasamy’s Chaya Vanam ‘The forest of shadows’ (Madras 1969) in which the struggle is described, taking part about 60 years ago in the setting of Tanjavur country side, of a solitary man, Sidambaram, against wild forest, dark and impenetrable. Those who went in have never returned. Nine years ago, Periya Karuppanna Tevar went in, searching for a bull at midday. He returned, coughing blood. On the third day he was dead. The young author writes with great verisimilitude, reminding us of the novels of Shankar Ram and
R. Shanmuga Sundaram, both of them masters of realistic description of Tamilnadu’s rural life.
- Excerpt from “A history of Indian Literature”
by Kamil Veith Zvelbil (1974)